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A weird psychadelic poster saying "Secure all classified material"

  • The NSA has released an archive of old security posters. (h/t Schneier on Security).
  • There is a unit of radiation called the banana equivalent dose (h/t The Prepared).
  • [I]f the chief executive officer of a public company commits sexual harassment, he is probably also guilty of insider trading“.
  • ‘Like my cat, I often simply do what I want to do.’ This was the opening sentence of Derek Parfit’s philosophical masterpiece, Reasons and Persons… However, there was a problem. Derek did not, in fact, own a cat. Nor did he wish to become a cat owner, as he would rather spend his time taking photographs and doing philosophy. On the other hand, the sentence would clearly be better if it was true. To resolve this problem Derek drew up a legal agreement with his sister, who did own a cat, to the effect that he would take legal possession of the cat while she would continue living with it.”
  • China’s Supreme People’s Court is not happy with Wuhan police for suppressing “rumours” of a pneumonia outbreak: “It … undermines the credibility and chips away at public support for the Communist Party. It could even be used by hostile overseas forces as an excuse to criticise us.”
  • Speaking of hostile overseas forces using this as an excuse to criticise China, Scott Sumner argues that authoritarian nationalism is bad for your health.
  • The robots are coming for your blood.
  • Grey seals clap underwater to show dominance (maybe).
  • Speaking of seals, did you know some fur seals in Antarctica have sex with penguins? Sometimes they eat the penguins afterwards, sometimes they don’t.
  • Gun owners aren’t happier, don’t sleep better at night.” No opinion on the research itself, but I love the headline.
  • Miami has issued a falling iguana warning. (h/t The Prepared)
  • Intimidation is the father of silence and the mother of lies.”
  • This building exists.
  • Which emoji scissors close?? “If you could file those parts down, you could close [these scissors] a lot more. But you couldn’t, because 📁 is the only file you can get in emoji”. (h/t The Prepared)